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Jack has amnesia and is looking for a solution to his problem.

Zoe seeks to help him because it is her most important mission.

The only problem is: "they only have 5 days".

Genre: Rpg, Mystery, single player, 

Length: 20 minutes or more

Engine: RPG Maker MV

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Note: The game is translated from Spanish and I'm still not good at translating games, so sorry if there is any mistake xD



-Change of dialogues

-New secrets

-Character corrections

-Song modification

-in English only (text corrected)

-And more

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Action, Role Playing
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Action RPG, Exploration, Mystery, RPG Maker, Singleplayer, Solo RPG


Five_days_with_you_Complete_English V1.1.rar 173 MB

Install instructions

Just download, unzip, run and play 😺


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Hello, thank you for suggesting this game, it was quite interesting and fun, specially capturing the chickens and the desert puzzle, although I didn't quite get what was happening most of the time, maybe it was the translation...

I think this is a big step up from when I played Milo's curse, it seems to be a more complete adventure, even if I didn't get the true/good ending.

Keep the good work!

thank you hikiyami :D

Hello :)

Well made game and I love the art of the characters :)

I could not get away from Milo servants but that is alright


Thank you Anywynn for the comment.

The truth is that I wanted to make it more difficult but I didn't want to make you suffer in that part of the game.